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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Damn statistics ;-)

Looking at the munin stats of the video streams watched (link only works from the DebConf7 network) today was a bit disappointing. About 40 viewers in average for all four rooms combined, worldwide and on the local network together. The upper talk room alone had a peek of 35 viewers today.

But I think (or hope?) the streams were and are still useful, since they allow Debian contributors to participate in DebConf, who otherwise couldn’t. So if you’re one of those, please let us know what you think about the streams, and recordings as well.

What I am really happy about is the software framework we created before and during DebCamp and DebConf. IMO it is really impressive and very very helpful, compared to previous workflows. Ben already blogged a about it a bit. Unsurprisingly the documentation can be improved still and it’s not the only thing that can be improved. And we do have more great stuff in the pipeline for DebConf8 :-)