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Fri, 09 May 2014

12:34:56 9 May 2014
(Posted by: Martin Krafft)

DebConf15 organisation kicked off in Heidelberg

The lobby of the youth hostel Heidelberg (by Richard Hartmann)

The DC15 team met Saturday at the Heidelberg International Youth Hostel to kick off the organisation of DebConf15. While a handful of team members unfortunately had to excuse themselves, 18 people showed up, and the spirit level was high.

Self-contained in beautiful surroundings

The youth hostel Heidelberg from the outside view (by Richard Hartmann)

The youth hostel is the expected venue for DebConf15, which is slated to take place in August 2015. It sleeps more than 400 people, and it features two large conference rooms. Several smaller rooms can be used for team meetings and impromptu “birds-of-a-feather” sessions.

A panoramic view of the city of Heidelberg (by Michael Banck)

The venue is located a little bit outside of Heidelberg’s centre, right on the side of the Neckar river, north of the Heidelberg Zoo, west of a university campus, and south of a sports field.

Fantastic, child-friendly DebConf venue

The courtyard of the youth hostel, used for eating and socialising (by Richard Hartmann)

The large cafeteria and the plentiful outside space usable for eating, working, chatting and playing make it a fantastic venue for DebConf. And far away from traffic, with a play area, space to run around, and the zoo next door, it’s very suitable to families with children, too.

Become part of the team!

If you are interested in being part of the organisation of our conference, we welcome you on our mailing list and look forward to your contributions! There is also the #debconf15-germany IRC channel on, and we have a list of DC15 sub-teams to give you an overview. Feel free to add yourself, or just help out and someone will add you.

(Photos by Michael Banck and Richard Hartmann, used under the terms of the CC by-sa licence 3.0)