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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Gunnar Wolf)

Call for DebConf14 venues!

2000, Bordeaux, France. 2001, Bordeaux, France. 2002, Ottawa, Canada. 2003, Oslo, Norway. 2004, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2005, Helsinki, Finland. 2006, Oaxtepec, Mexico. 2007, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 2008, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2009, Cáceres, Spain. 2010, New York, United States. 2011, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2012, Managua, Nicaragua. 2013, Vaumarcus, Switzerland.

We have gone to all different latitudes (although not yet longitudes!). We have had very hot and very cold weather. Great cities and small villages have hosted us. What will be the next addition to this great list?

As we approach DebConf12 (10 days to DebCamp and counting, yay!), we should keep the future in mind. So, as every year in recent history, we will once again have a DebConf session presenting possible venues for the next year.

Organizing DebConf in your city means a lot of hard work. It also means one of the greatest personal experiences you can imagine. And it is a great way to contribute to Debian.

The decision process for every DebConf venue starts two years before, with presentations during DebConf(n-2). That means, if you consider presenting a bid for DebConf14, now is the moment to act!

Do you have to be present at Managua to propose your bid? No. You can proxy via somebody — I’d suggest to do it via somebody who knows the location you are suggesting, but basically, choose a friend that you trust that trusts you. Of course, you can participate in the presentation session via IRC.

Do you have to be a Debian Developer to propose a bid? No. For DebConf9, none of the Cáceres guys was a DD; for DebConf10, some of the people most involved from the local New Yorkers were not DDs. For DC11, none of our hosts in Bosnia are DDs. And for DC12, the dear and overworked Nicaraguan crew is also made from people interested in getting closer to the Debian project, but not DDs.

Do you have to decide now? No. This is just a call for a first presentation, but the decision regarding DC14 will be taken probably around March 2013. However, giving a nice presentation at DebConf helps a lot, gives you visibility, and will get the ball rolling.

Is there a geographical bias? Slight. So far, and since the second DebConf, we have kept the tradition not to repeat continents on two successive DebConfs. This is not a hard condition, however! While there is some probability that DebConf14 will be somewhere in America (the continent, of course), it depends on the proposals more than on any pseudo-rule.

What do you need to start thinking about? Go visit our prospective location checklist. You can also look at what other teams have historically presented. And of course, go to the DebConf14 wiki planning page — Register there, even if you are just in the early phases of finding data.