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Tue, 05 Feb 2013

18:50:02 5 Feb 2013
(Posted by: nattie)

DebConf11 – Sponsored registration date has been extended

The deadline for sponsored registration for DebConf11 in Banja Luka, originally May 8th, has officially been extended to May 19th. The reasons for the extension are as follows:

Thanks to a significant increase in sponsorship from one of our main sponsors, we have been permitted and encouraged to welcome more people to the conference. The extension is a one-off occurrence in response to this new development, and to allow any potential attendees time to access more information before registering.

Registration is required for everybody who plans to attend any part of Debconf. Access to the conference venue, food and accommodation is controlled through the registration badge. The only exception to the registration requirement is for those who plan to only attend Debian Day.

It is possible to request sponsorship for food, accommodation, and travel. Those who have been involved or contributed to Debian or to other open source projects are eligible to apply for sponsorship, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The professional and corporate categories are for those who are sent and sponsored by their companies. Professional registration covers the actual costs of conference attendance, while corporate registration is just over double that price, and is aimed at those who, besides paying the actual costs, also want to contribute money and help Debian.

— the DebConf team

Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl)

How to contribute via irc

If you would like to contribute to a session while watching the live stream, please join the respective IRC channels. These are: #debconf-auditorium and #debconf-roundroom on The Web 2.0 thingy at will be updated soonish.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Video recordings - consider them done!

The headline is not entirely correct, there are still a very few recordings missing but the awesome videoteam (/me bowes) has already relased 75 low and 64 high quality encodings! Missing stuff will be added when it’s ready.

As usual you can get them all from the Debian videoteam archive. All available recordings are also linked from the DebConf11 schedule. For the first time we licenced our work under CC-BY 3.0.

Please leave a comment on wiki/DebConf11/Videoteam/Thanks.

Personally I’d like to deeply thank everybody who made DebConf11 a success! I’m proud to be part of a great and diverse community working on achieving their one common goal: to create the best free operating system! Have fun on the way!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)

DebConf Newbies/Non-Regulars Funding for 2011

As previously announced in Ganneff’s blog and Debian News, a special funding for DebConf11 is available for Debian Developers and Debian Maintainers who have either never attended a DebConf before, or who have not been to a DebConf since DebConf7 (in Scotland).

How to apply

Email the DebConf Newbies Team ( providing the following information:

  • estimate of your travel costs
  • where you are traveling from
  • amount you are unable to fund yourself
  • dates you plan to arrive and leave
  • if you have been to DebConf before
  • if you will also need sponsored food and accommodation
  • whether you have already registered for DebConf11 (if not - do so now!)

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Vedran Omeragic)

DebConf11: Registrations and Call for Contributions

Registrations for DebConf11 are now open!

Dear guests, attendees and contributors, we are happy to announce that registrations for this year’s Conference are now open. The instructions for registration process can be found under Register page. While the basic registrations will not close until the end of the Conference, sponsored registrations however, have the deadline. If you would like to apply for sponsored attendance, then it is imperative that you do it before 8th May! Should you have any further questions regarding registrations, please mail them at

Call for Contributions!

We invite submissions of proposals for papers, presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for Debconf11. Submissions don’t have to be limited to traditional talks, you could propose a performance, art installation, debate, or anything else. Official submissions will be accepted until May 8th 2011, 23:59 UTC. For more information, please visit Call for contributions page.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Moray Allan)

Behind the scenes with the DebConf team

This Thursday we’ll be running a special IRC session, “Behind the scenes with the DebConf team”.


This is an open session aimed at anyone who would like to find out more about how DebConf is organised. Of course, we’d love you to get involved in organising it yourself, by helping out at DebConf11 or helping plan future DebConfs, but it’s also fine to attend the session just because you are curious!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Vedran Omeragic)

DebConf11: Short insiders summary of recent developments in DC11 organization

Recently there has been some major developments in DebConf11 organization. In short, I will list some of the most important.


Official DC11 website has finally been completed and now contains a great deal of information for those interested in attending this years conference. Some of the most notable changes include:


Frontpage now contains a small menu with links to most important parts of website, like About, Registration, Contact… Sidebar menu is now divided in 3 categories:

  • The Conference Links to pages which are directly connected with the Conference like About DC, Debian Day, Registration, Call for Papers, Talk Schedules, Payments… Most of these links are hidden at the moment, and will be until the registration is open, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  • More Information Basic information for attendees like Important Dates, Accommodations, Venue, Visa… Everything you need to know about your stay in Banja Luka.
  • Practical While these pages have almost nothing to do with the Conference itself, they do provide a vast information about city, getting to Bosnia, some practical information, as well as the Map of the whole city made my me :) …

New Pages added

  • How Can I Help This page contains some basic information for anyone who wants to help out. Weather by volunteering, sponsoring, or just by adding a banner on their website…
    DC11: How Can I Help?
  • Contact Instead of just sending visitors to mailto, we replaced it by a page which contains ALL contact information, emails AND phone numbers (which will be added just before DebCamp starts).
    DC11: Contact
  • Sponsorship Just like with the contact page, we made a page to be more user friendly to any interested parties or individuals, and contains most important info, such as sponsorship levels and contact address.
    DC11: Sponsorship
  • About DebConf11 Actually it’s just a page with a content copied from frontpage (which is now used for something else).
    DC11: About DebConf11

New features:

  • Documentation Is now used to store all important documents and records for public use and sharing, like brochures, official government documents, important public mails, as well as the recordings of all IRC meeting logs. Can be found at:
    DC11: Documentation
  • Frontpage: Navigation To ensure the main goal of website, information availability, frontpage has been redesigned to provide maximum accessibility as well as easy access to any part of the website. DC11: Frontpage
  • Frontpage: Latest News To keep the public and attendees well informed of any important events and developments, we decided to add ‘latest news’ section. Note however, that if you want to stay completely informed of any changes and updates, we still recommend subscribing to our mailing list, which can be found under contact page.
    DC11: Frontpage
  • Map of Banja Luka Because of lack of data on Google Maps and Open Street Map, as well as some other minor local maps, we made a small map of almost whole city and added around 60 or 70 locations which we consider to be of importance for our attendees. Such locations include hotels, parking spots, restaurants, bars, clubs, petrol stations, taxi stations, etc. This page uses simple JavaScript and is not ‘dragable’. Therefore we added Index Location to auto-locate the needed locations, as well as the legend to clarify the category of locations. Pointing your mouse over a certain location will open a small bubble with some info on that location/object. We should also point out that some of this data may not be 100% correct (ie working hours may be off…). Map is available at:
    DC11: Banja Luka City Map

Bosnian language

Site is now available on Bosnian language for native speaking attendees, should they have problems with English version. Every page is available on both languages, which can be changed by clicking on ba/en flag in upper left corner, or DC11: Bosnian Version.


As you may have noticed, the official page received a small face lift. New header with the Government building, a small token of appreciation for all the help the Government is providing; as well as some minor changes in CSS and color scheme. While talking about design, we’d like to thank Leandro Gómez for his help with the header.


Sponsorship Levels

As agreed on the meeting, which took place on 22. of February, [Meeting logs], following sponsorship levels will be used for this years conference:

  • Steel < 1.000 €
  • Bronze > 1.000 €
  • Silver > 5.000 €
  • Gold > 10.000 €
  • Platinum > 20.000 €

Main reason for lowering amounts is due to last years results of high increase in the same. As for the benefits of these levels, the only thing changed is t-shirts / bags places; we believe t-shirts are much more noticeable than bags, and have therefore been promoted to Silver, while bags have been downgraded to Bronze. For a full list of requirements and benefits, please visit: DC11: Sponsorship

Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsorship brochures have finally been completed and are available for a public distribution. The brochures are available in 3 qualities: low, high and original. Low and high quality brochures, ~6Mb and ~8Mb respectively, are for normal distribution to our sponsors, while original quality, at around 240Mb, is intended for maximum quality printing. Just as with the website, each quality is available in both Bosnian and English. Current version of the brochure is 1.1 and is most likely the final one. These brochures are available at Documentation page: DC11: Documentation >> Documents made by Local Team

Or download them directly:

Also, I’d like to thank Mirosal Remetic for making a great template and Pablo Duboue for some very valuable suggestions regarding the structure of the brochure.

Visas and Customs Rules

Many questions have been raised regarding Bosnian visa regime. We got in contact with the embassy and they clarified who can enter our country with(out) Visa. The list can be found on DC11 Wiki: Visa regime. It also states, which countries have a privilidge of ‘ID-only’ entrance. If your country is not listed, that means you will need visa. If you want to know what exactly you need to get one, please visit the this official Government page and chose your country from a drop-down menu. As for the visa itself, as well as the list of Customs Rules, please read DC11: Visa.

Also, thanks to Darjan Prtic for getting the list from the Government officials.

So, what’s next?

If you think, that is it for now, you are dead wrong. At this very moment following is being organized and developed:

  • Registration Registration Team is currently hacking penta and modifying it for this years needs and conditions. We expect to have registrations open by the end of March / beginning of April.
  • Travel and getting to Banja Luka Being one of the greatest obstacle, Travel Team is working hard on finding best routes for attendees and mapping the city…
  • Sponsorship With final decision and agreement for sponsorship levels and brochures ready for public distribution, Sponsorship Team is now actively looking for new sponsors, global and local, preparing various promotional material, as well as planning our advertising strategy.

Final word

Well, these are pretty much the highlights of some recent and some future developments of DebConf11 organizational team. Mind you, there’s a lot more going on, but I tried to give a small summary from the inside. Should you be interested in attending, helping out, sponsoring or just have some questions, feel free to ask them on our mailing list at: I should inform you that this is a public mailing list and its archives are available for a broader public. If you do not wish for your mail to be made public, please direct any enquiry directly to me trough the Contact Form or any other member of Core Local Team, Adnan Hodzic or Velimir Iveljic.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Talks team)

DebConf11 preliminary schedule available

We are happy to announce that the preliminary schedule for the upcoming DebConf11 is available! As usual, it is still possible that more changes will occur, though we don’t expect anything major.

DebConf11 talks will mostly happen in two rooms simultaneously, except for a few plenaries which will be presented in the main room with no parallel event. We’ve tried to cluster related talks/BoFs in sequence, even though it was not always possible. Besides that there will be tracks covering specific topics, which are:

  • webservices
  • Blends
  • Debian/Society

As in previous years, we provide many ways to access the schedule:

  • Plain nice html export, available for everyone without needing a login. This is linked from the DC11 main page.
  • The same as above but needs a login to access. This one has one extra feature above the non-login version, you can rate an event and its speaker(s) after you attended it.
  • An iCal file
  • A xCal file
  • A XML file

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl)

DebianDay about to start / Video Streams are now available

Sorry for the late notification about the video streams. We’ve been rather busy down here. However, DebianDay is about to start, and it looks, like it will turn out to be a great event!

The Video Setup is finished, too. The easiest way to watch the streams and to participate via irc is by using the Web 2.0 thingy at

You can also point your preferred video player at for the smaller round room, or for the larger auditorium, where DebianDay will take place.

The full schedule for the entire conference is available at As usual we’ll make the videos available for download later.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Travel Sponsorship team)

Small update about Travel Sponsorship for DebConf11

As usual many people requested travel sponsorship to attend DebConf 11 and are now waiting eagerly on the outcome of their request. We are sorry, that we can’t give you much details yet. To give you an idea of the time line, here is a small explanation of the process.

About 100 people requested travel sponsorship. In total that would about 50’000 Euro. Problem is currently we don’t exactly know, how much money we may spend on travel sponsorship ourselves (By the way: If a potential sponsor is reading this, please contact us; DebConf also accepts donations).

So, we formed a team of 13 persons (the mail only lists twelve, one was added later). The team members will start to rate each and every single request in two criteria: Contributor Level and sponsorship amount. With limited amounts we obviously want to sponsor those first, who contribute a lot to Debian, preferably if they don’t travel first class.

After that’s done, we’ll have a long, but ordered list, but the team still needs to meet and discuss different cases and similar. Our team isn’t really small and consists of people living all over the world, it’s quite hard to actually schedule a meeting everyone can attend. (Which is not a bug, but a feature: More people from more countries should in the end result in a fair rating of the sponsorship requests.)

So, in the end, we’ll meet on 19th of June. Sounds late, please keep in mind, that every team member has to rate all sponsorship requests (including some research) and all of them are volunteers with actual daytime jobs.

But even if you don’t hear anything from us short after that date, don’t panic! As said we really don’t know, yet, how much money we can spend on travel sponsorship. Our sponsor-hunting-team is constantly working on the acquisition of more money, so every now and then the budget for travel sponsorship gets increased, meaning that we can mail a couple of more people on our ordered list. So it might take a while, till we get to all, but we try very hard to do so.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Travel Sponsorship team)

Travel Sponsorship for DebConf11

Today we had our long-awaited Travel Sponsorship team meeting. It took a little more than 90 minutes but had us check the ratings we did in the past days, discuss various of the people and aspects of our decisions, and then finally we decided on the cutoff levels for this year.

Actually an easy step (in theory) cutoff levels, it is always hard. On the one side there are the beancounters and the team working each year to find money for the conference. Doing whatever it takes to have our sponsors happy. Who, of course, can not give us unlimited amounts of money.

On the other hand there are all the (possible) attendees. Many of which can not afford the travel if we do not help them.

Getting both sides happy is near to impossible. We had about 100 people asking for nearly 60’000 Euros. On the other hand we had 35’000 Euro to give out. Doesn’t match, and getting another 25’000 Euro just so is not very likely to happen. Which lead to a “Sorry, no money this year” for 29 people.

We currently have 12 people still waiting for money. They got a “maybe, if someone cancels or we are lucky to get another sponsor” mail, and we hope we can help them, but we are not sure. We are waiting for another 7800 Euros here.

But the nice and shiny side of this all is: We have 56 people who we agreed to sponsor travel for, in total 35’000 Euros.