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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf Resources

I just setup a DNS entry for, on request of David Moreno Garza. He also got a mailing-list for that upcoming mini Debian Conference.

Which reminded me to blog about resources again, so that more people know/remember that there is something they can use whenever they organize a Debian meeting.

If you happen to organize a meeting of Debian Developers / interested Debian people you can chose to use any resource you need for it. This currently means:

DNSa name within Either pointing to your host, if you have one, or see below for hosting.
Current style seems to be $, but we also have some entries, so are pretty open. And in case it doesn’t fit into - there is always without restrictions (as its not really used currently).
Mailing-ListWant a mailing-list?
HostingDon’t have an own server for it? possibly has space for you.
You would manage the content via a svn repository.
CMSConference Management System - AKA pentabarf. Available in future, more info on that point when we finally switched to a version that let’s us easily give access to other people without giving out all personal data. :)
GalleryUse our gallery. Actually - don’t bother asking, just use it, as long as you use it for Debian related event pictures.

Want more? We have a page listing most of our resources, maybe you find something you need.

Want something? Mail and describe what you want, most possibly we will make it happen. Or try to get one of us admins on IRC, you are looking for one of the nicks Ganneff, mhy, sgran, gwolf or h01ger. No, we do not bite … usually. :)