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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf maintenance

In the last few days we (as in DebConf admins Steve Gran, Mark Hymers and myself) have been doing some DebConf maintenance work.

Some time ago one of DebConf’s permanent sponsors, ByteMark sponsored a new machine, krabappel, which we use as a replacement for the older machine we have from them, cmburns. It was neccessary, as good old cmburns had a lot of stuff running and so was always pretty loaded. Imagine it running most of our websites, main mail and dns server and then also having 4 vserver instances on it. Those vserver itself where also running things that do use some resources, like our wiki and the main DebConf7 site, the PentaBarf test-host and our LedgerSMB instance.

While it was long decided to move stuff our - we just had to find time to do it. This weekend seems to be it, everything is migrated except cmburns itself, as that needs a fix in the reverse dns entries for the new /28 we got.

We are using xen-tools to make installation of new images easy. For that I wrote a script that is used as a role script, automating all that various setup tasks that one can automate easily. Which means that it takes about 5 minutes to get a complete new XEN domain up and running. (Add some minutes to add it to nagios2, munin, our mail setup and to sync the userdatabase.)

Mark and Steve also did another migration: is now using gallery2. Still needs a nice layout designed looking similar to our normal DebConf website, but that shouldn’t be too hard to get. While they have been on it they also integrated, so that it is back up again. Feel free to use both of them! offers space for all DebConf related pictures, be it the main yearly DebConf (and related) or regional DebConfs, like the one planned for Panama soon. is a place where pictures from all Debian related events/parties/whatever can be put. Basically - whenever people working on Debian meet (like a BSP, a work meeting, etc) - feel free to put pictures up there. Just put them into a folder matching the year it happened in… Basic goal is to get a huge set of pictures from people involved in Debian.