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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf Blog - It’s back

The DebConf blog is back. This time not limited to a running DebConf, but should stay alive forever. (Well, as long as someone feeds it new entries).

There are a few differences compared to our last instance, so lets write a bit about it here:

  • The blog lives in svn, everything has to go through it. Updates are done every 10 minutes.
  • There are various “categories” available, those are simply subdirectories in the blog dir, currently we have debconf6/, debconf7/ and general. Where debconf6 contains the items we had in the DC6 blog, debconf7 will hold those that fit DC7, general is of interest for all. Feel free to create debconf8 when you have something to blog about DC8 stuff. Also feel free to create subdirectories in those categories if needed.
  • Ignore flavours/, thats our template. Talk to our webadmin(s) if you want changes there.

What should be blogged here, and not in your personal blog? Well, everything, forget your own blog. :) Oh well, no, interesting parts around the whole conference, how’s live at DebConf, including images (small ones - put them into images/. That will appear as /blosxom/ at the blog site. Large ones - consider to put them into the gallery and link them from there). Basically anything thats interesting for DebConf attendees / future attendees. And if it doesnt fit a debconfX/ category, then take general/.

How to blog is also easy. A blog entry is a pure textfile, with two exceptions: The very first line is the title of the entry and the second-line is special and needs to start with “meta-author: ” followed by your name, eg “meta-author: Joerg Jaspert”. That name will then be included in the blog-post, so it is clear who wrote it. Then its basically text, with a few things replaced by helpful plugins:

  • Every empty line between two paragraphs gets a plugin to add <p></p> around those paragraphs.
  • SmartyPants does a few replacements:
    • Straight quotes ( <”> and <’> ) into “curly” quote HTML entities
    • Backticks-style quotes (<“>like this<”>) into “curly” quote HTML entities
    • Dashes (<—> and <–>) into en- and em-dash entities
    • Three consecutive dots (<…>) into an ellipsis entity…

All blog files are put into the debconf-blog svn on

Now, have fun with it!