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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf6 Blog - Live from Mexico, Oaxtepec

Ok, as we just decided in our meeting (today, May 1st, for those of you with Alzheimer :) ), we will have a DebConf6 Blog. This is intended as another way for us orga-druids to show all those that can’t attend this years DebConf what they all miss. This feed will be submitted to on the 6th of May and will stay there until the end of May, this way covering the whole DebCamp, the DebConf and the short phase after it where we start to recover.

What should be blogged here, and not in your personal blog? Well, everything, forget your own blog. :) Oh well, no, interesting parts around the whole conference, how’s live at DebConf, including images (put them into and then link them. (Thats the debconf6-data website/media/dc6 folder in svn).

How to blog is also easy. A blog entry is a pure textfile, with two exceptions: The very first line is the title of the entry and the second-line is special and needs to start with “meta-author: ” followed by your name, eg “meta-author: Joerg Jaspert”. That name will then be included in the blog-post, so it is clear who wrote it. See this existing file for an example. All those files are put into the debconf6-data svn, subfolder blog.

Now, have fun with it!