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Tue, 05 Feb 2013

DebConf13 venue and dates

This post is a quick status update on DebConf13, for those who aren’t following the debconf-team mailing list.

As you may know, this year’s DebConf will be held at Le Camp, in Vaumarcus, Switzerland.  Our concept for this DebConf is to hold it in a natural environment, away from distractions. We hope you will enjoy spending time together with other Debian collaborators in this beautiful part of Switzerland, on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel.


DebConf13 will take place from Sunday 11. August 2013 to Sunday 18. August 2013. (We will use Saturday 10. August 2013 to prepare the venue for the conference.)

You may notice that the dates don’t cover two weeks like in the last few years (there is no separate DebCamp week). For budget reasons, current plans are to merge the two weeks’ activities  into an 8 day period. If you think that’s a pity, it’s not too late to change it — just join the fundraising team and start working quickly!


If you want to start arranging your travel to attend DebConf, some initial travel suggestions may be useful:

The DebConf13 map shows the venue and the bus line (with some stops).


We expect to open registration around the start of March. Currently we are still evaluating some possible new conference management systems, which we hope might avoid the frustrations some attendees have had in the past with Pentabarf.

Help welcome

As always, the DebConf team is looking for volunteers. Some jobs need technical skills (e.g. testing conference management system setups, working on the website), but many DebConf tasks are about working to deadlines on non-technical issues (e.g. fundraising, budgeting, talk scheduling). You can see more information about some of the jobs to be done on the  DebConf wiki.

Please do think about getting involved and sharing your ideas with us, to help us make DebConf an even more useful event for Debian in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vaumarcus!