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Wed, 19 Jun 2013

DebConf13 DebCamp confirmation and opening of the reconfirmation period

Going to DebConf13!

DebConf13 DebCamp confirmed!

The DebConf Team is very pleased to announce that DebCamp will be open for almost a full week in August. DebCamp will start on Tuesday 6 August 2013 at the main conference venue, Le Camp, and will be immediately followed by DebConf13, starting Sunday 11th August.

Opening of the reconfirmation period

As the DebConf Registration Team have announced on debconf-announce (to which you should really be subscribed), now is the time to reconfirm your attendance to DebConf13 (and actually register to DebCamp). This is really important for final calculations of food, room and costs, please read the announcement for all the important details. The reconfirmation period is open until the 30 June 2013.

We look forward to seeing everyone in August in Vaumarcus.

The DebConf team