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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Gunnar Wolf)

DebConf12 schedule ready!

The DebConf12 schedule is finally available!

As usual, the DebConf conference can only be finalized a couple of days before DebConf itself starts. But hey — Take a look at it, and start planning your activities!

Not final, never final

Remember that, even now that the conference schedule is announced, you can still submit talks to DebConf, following what we call ad-hoc talks. What are the steps to do it?

  1. Check the schedule and find the timeslot (day, hour and room) you want to talk in
  2. Register your event in Pentabarf, and note the generated event ID (the last number in the URL after the submission is accepted)
  3. Send a mail to detailing the event ID, title (just to confirm it), and the requested timeslot
  4. All requests _must_ be received at least 24hr before the requested event for the scheduling team to act accordingly and for the video team to be able to plan on resources to cover the requested session
  5. Video team coverage (event recording plus streaming on a best-effort basis) will be given to activities scheduled on the Aula Magna and Roberto Terán auditoriums.
  6. We will try to grant requests on a first-come-first-serve basis. If two events are requested for the same timeslot, the first will have precedence, and we will schedule the second as close as possible to it. We will notify the submitters if this happens, of course.

Conference tracks

In DebConf12, many talks are organized around the following tracks:

This track is meant for the local (Nicaraguan/Central American) community to be attracted to Debian. It does not usually have technically minded talks; the DebConf general audience is, of course, invited to take part in it, as there will surely be interesting angles on how Debian is used in different use-cases, and there will be interesting Q&A session with the audience.
Getting involved in Debian
Central America is a very special region. It has vibrant Free Software user groups and communities, among which there is an important interest to get involved in Debian.
This track will have some talks in Spanish, some talks in English, explaining different Debian processes and tools, aiming at attracting locals to contribute to Debian.
Debian for the cloud
All about virtualization. Management infrastructure, details on virtual machine engines, insight on how to tweak your kernel for optimum virtualized performance, and –of course– how to get it all humming perfectly with your Debian packages.
Building and porting
With an every day stronger transit to mobile computing, we are seeing a renaissance of porting. At the same time, we finally have multiarch as part of Debian. And were that not to be enough, we finally have more than one compiler that can be used for most of the software in the archive. Put all this together, and you will have a very interesting track.
Social activities
DebConf is as much about technical stuff as it is about building closer ties within the members of its community. Eating cheese+wine, going on a trip to the guts of a volcano, having a nice banquet… Do you want to add an activity to this pseudo-track?
Skills exchange
Knowledge can also be built by all of us putting our grain of sand. We first had explicit skills exchange sessions in Bosnia last year, and they were very well received. Feel free to propose similar sessions!

And… Well, three days to DebCamp and counting. See you Real Soon Now in Managua!