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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Travel Sponsorship team)

Small update about Travel Sponsorship for DebConf11

As usual many people requested travel sponsorship to attend DebConf 11 and are now waiting eagerly on the outcome of their request. We are sorry, that we can’t give you much details yet. To give you an idea of the time line, here is a small explanation of the process.

About 100 people requested travel sponsorship. In total that would about 50’000 Euro. Problem is currently we don’t exactly know, how much money we may spend on travel sponsorship ourselves (By the way: If a potential sponsor is reading this, please contact us; DebConf also accepts donations).

So, we formed a team of 13 persons (the mail only lists twelve, one was added later). The team members will start to rate each and every single request in two criteria: Contributor Level and sponsorship amount. With limited amounts we obviously want to sponsor those first, who contribute a lot to Debian, preferably if they don’t travel first class.

After that’s done, we’ll have a long, but ordered list, but the team still needs to meet and discuss different cases and similar. Our team isn’t really small and consists of people living all over the world, it’s quite hard to actually schedule a meeting everyone can attend. (Which is not a bug, but a feature: More people from more countries should in the end result in a fair rating of the sponsorship requests.)

So, in the end, we’ll meet on 19th of June. Sounds late, please keep in mind, that every team member has to rate all sponsorship requests (including some research) and all of them are volunteers with actual daytime jobs.

But even if you don’t hear anything from us short after that date, don’t panic! As said we really don’t know, yet, how much money we can spend on travel sponsorship. Our sponsor-hunting-team is constantly working on the acquisition of more money, so every now and then the budget for travel sponsorship gets increased, meaning that we can mail a couple of more people on our ordered list. So it might take a while, till we get to all, but we try very hard to do so.