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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Talks team)

DebConf11 preliminary schedule available

We are happy to announce that the preliminary schedule for the upcoming DebConf11 is available! As usual, it is still possible that more changes will occur, though we don’t expect anything major.

DebConf11 talks will mostly happen in two rooms simultaneously, except for a few plenaries which will be presented in the main room with no parallel event. We’ve tried to cluster related talks/BoFs in sequence, even though it was not always possible. Besides that there will be tracks covering specific topics, which are:

  • webservices
  • Blends
  • Debian/Society

As in previous years, we provide many ways to access the schedule:

  • Plain nice html export, available for everyone without needing a login. This is linked from the DC11 main page.
  • The same as above but needs a login to access. This one has one extra feature above the non-login version, you can rate an event and its speaker(s) after you attended it.
  • An iCal file
  • A xCal file
  • A XML file

— the DebConf team