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Thu, 16 May 2013

19:30:03 16 May 2013
(Posted by: Didier Raboud)

DebConf13 registration extended and DebConf12 Final Report

Dear all,

Going to DebConf13!

DebConf13 sponsorship application date extended

As communicated through the mailing list, the deadline to apply for DebConf13 sponsorship has been extended to the end of this week, May 19th.

If you intend to attend DebConf13 in August and would like to apply for sponsored registration, now is the time to register in Penta! After this deadline you will no longer be able to apply for sponsored food, accomodation or travel. Please refer to the announcement and to the registration documentation for details. Please contact us on the debconf-discuss mailing list if you have any questions.

DebConf12 final report

The DebConf team is also happy to announce the release of the DebConf12 Final Report. It’s a 39-page document which gives the reader an idea about the conference as a whole. It includes descriptions of talks, DebCamp and Debian Day activities, personal impressions, attendee and budgeting numbers, the work of various teams, social events and so on. If you attended Debconf12, the report may refresh some of your memories and bring you closer to the organization team work. If not, it will certainly encourage you to be part of future Debian events.

We thank the Universidad Centroamericana, the Government of Nicaragua, Google and all other DebConf12 sponsors for their support that made the event possible.

The DebConf team