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Sun, 18 Nov 2012

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Martín Ferrari)

DebConf8 registration open and CfP

Registration is now open for DebConf8, which will take place in Mar del Plata from Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 August 2008.

To register follow one of the processes outlined below:

  • If you registered for last years conference, DebConf7, go to this page to login.
  • If you haven’t registered for last years conference you need an account in the conference management system. To register one, go to the following page and create an account. After visiting the activation URL sent to you by email, go to your user’s page and log in.

After you logged in

After you successfully logged in, please fill in at least the ‘General’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Travel’ tabs reachable through the ‘Registration details’ button on the bar on the left of the page. Please pay special attention to the ‘DebConf’ and ‘DebCamp’ boxes on the ‘General’ tab. You need to select at least the “I want to attend this conference” checkbox or your registration won’t be valid.

Note to users who have an account from last year: We did our best in making sure you do not have to reenter all your personal data again, just the conference specific changes. But please check if it is all still valid.

We suggest that attendees begin making travel arrangements as soon as possible. Some travel information has already been collected at the DebConf 8 site.

Submitting a paper/event

To submit papers, first register for DebConf as described above. Then use the ‘New event/paper’ button on this page and fill in information about your submission on the various tabs. You can use the same interface to submit papers for DebConf and DebCamp, by choosing the appropriate track.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Rodrigo Gallardo)

We’re off to the daytrip!

We are leaving in a couple hours for Xochicalco, one of the many archeological sites here in Mexico. All in all, we are very pleased with the trip we are offering, and really hope everyone likes it.We do have a long day ahead of us, since it will take almost two hours to get there, then we’ll be touring the place for about three hours, go for lunch and then head for Cuernavaca, where we’ll spend a few more hours before heading back here.

I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of pictures of the site for those of you following along at home, so check people’s galleries afterwards.

And, it’s kind of late to say this, since everyone has seen Gunnar’s feeling better, but still: Gunnar, you’ve made some terrific work here! Us mexicans are very proud of you.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Vedran Omeragic)

DebConf11: Short insiders summary of recent developments in DC11 organization

Recently there has been some major developments in DebConf11 organization. In short, I will list some of the most important.


Official DC11 website has finally been completed and now contains a great deal of information for those interested in attending this years conference. Some of the most notable changes include:


Frontpage now contains a small menu with links to most important parts of website, like About, Registration, Contact… Sidebar menu is now divided in 3 categories:

  • The Conference Links to pages which are directly connected with the Conference like About DC, Debian Day, Registration, Call for Papers, Talk Schedules, Payments… Most of these links are hidden at the moment, and will be until the registration is open, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  • More Information Basic information for attendees like Important Dates, Accommodations, Venue, Visa… Everything you need to know about your stay in Banja Luka.
  • Practical While these pages have almost nothing to do with the Conference itself, they do provide a vast information about city, getting to Bosnia, some practical information, as well as the Map of the whole city made my me :) …

New Pages added

  • How Can I Help This page contains some basic information for anyone who wants to help out. Weather by volunteering, sponsoring, or just by adding a banner on their website…
    DC11: How Can I Help?
  • Contact Instead of just sending visitors to mailto, we replaced it by a page which contains ALL contact information, emails AND phone numbers (which will be added just before DebCamp starts).
    DC11: Contact
  • Sponsorship Just like with the contact page, we made a page to be more user friendly to any interested parties or individuals, and contains most important info, such as sponsorship levels and contact address.
    DC11: Sponsorship
  • About DebConf11 Actually it’s just a page with a content copied from frontpage (which is now used for something else).
    DC11: About DebConf11

New features:

  • Documentation Is now used to store all important documents and records for public use and sharing, like brochures, official government documents, important public mails, as well as the recordings of all IRC meeting logs. Can be found at:
    DC11: Documentation
  • Frontpage: Navigation To ensure the main goal of website, information availability, frontpage has been redesigned to provide maximum accessibility as well as easy access to any part of the website. DC11: Frontpage
  • Frontpage: Latest News To keep the public and attendees well informed of any important events and developments, we decided to add ‘latest news’ section. Note however, that if you want to stay completely informed of any changes and updates, we still recommend subscribing to our mailing list, which can be found under contact page.
    DC11: Frontpage
  • Map of Banja Luka Because of lack of data on Google Maps and Open Street Map, as well as some other minor local maps, we made a small map of almost whole city and added around 60 or 70 locations which we consider to be of importance for our attendees. Such locations include hotels, parking spots, restaurants, bars, clubs, petrol stations, taxi stations, etc. This page uses simple JavaScript and is not ‘dragable’. Therefore we added Index Location to auto-locate the needed locations, as well as the legend to clarify the category of locations. Pointing your mouse over a certain location will open a small bubble with some info on that location/object. We should also point out that some of this data may not be 100% correct (ie working hours may be off…). Map is available at:
    DC11: Banja Luka City Map

Bosnian language

Site is now available on Bosnian language for native speaking attendees, should they have problems with English version. Every page is available on both languages, which can be changed by clicking on ba/en flag in upper left corner, or DC11: Bosnian Version.


As you may have noticed, the official page received a small face lift. New header with the Government building, a small token of appreciation for all the help the Government is providing; as well as some minor changes in CSS and color scheme. While talking about design, we’d like to thank Leandro Gómez for his help with the header.


Sponsorship Levels

As agreed on the meeting, which took place on 22. of February, [Meeting logs], following sponsorship levels will be used for this years conference:

  • Steel < 1.000 €
  • Bronze > 1.000 €
  • Silver > 5.000 €
  • Gold > 10.000 €
  • Platinum > 20.000 €

Main reason for lowering amounts is due to last years results of high increase in the same. As for the benefits of these levels, the only thing changed is t-shirts / bags places; we believe t-shirts are much more noticeable than bags, and have therefore been promoted to Silver, while bags have been downgraded to Bronze. For a full list of requirements and benefits, please visit: DC11: Sponsorship

Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsorship brochures have finally been completed and are available for a public distribution. The brochures are available in 3 qualities: low, high and original. Low and high quality brochures, ~6Mb and ~8Mb respectively, are for normal distribution to our sponsors, while original quality, at around 240Mb, is intended for maximum quality printing. Just as with the website, each quality is available in both Bosnian and English. Current version of the brochure is 1.1 and is most likely the final one. These brochures are available at Documentation page: DC11: Documentation >> Documents made by Local Team

Or download them directly:

Also, I’d like to thank Mirosal Remetic for making a great template and Pablo Duboue for some very valuable suggestions regarding the structure of the brochure.

Visas and Customs Rules

Many questions have been raised regarding Bosnian visa regime. We got in contact with the embassy and they clarified who can enter our country with(out) Visa. The list can be found on DC11 Wiki: Visa regime. It also states, which countries have a privilidge of ‘ID-only’ entrance. If your country is not listed, that means you will need visa. If you want to know what exactly you need to get one, please visit the this official Government page and chose your country from a drop-down menu. As for the visa itself, as well as the list of Customs Rules, please read DC11: Visa.

Also, thanks to Darjan Prtic for getting the list from the Government officials.

So, what’s next?

If you think, that is it for now, you are dead wrong. At this very moment following is being organized and developed:

  • Registration Registration Team is currently hacking penta and modifying it for this years needs and conditions. We expect to have registrations open by the end of March / beginning of April.
  • Travel and getting to Banja Luka Being one of the greatest obstacle, Travel Team is working hard on finding best routes for attendees and mapping the city…
  • Sponsorship With final decision and agreement for sponsorship levels and brochures ready for public distribution, Sponsorship Team is now actively looking for new sponsors, global and local, preparing various promotional material, as well as planning our advertising strategy.

Final word

Well, these are pretty much the highlights of some recent and some future developments of DebConf11 organizational team. Mind you, there’s a lot more going on, but I tried to give a small summary from the inside. Should you be interested in attending, helping out, sponsoring or just have some questions, feel free to ask them on our mailing list at: I should inform you that this is a public mailing list and its archives are available for a broader public. If you do not wish for your mail to be made public, please direct any enquiry directly to me trough the Contact Form or any other member of Core Local Team, Adnan Hodzic or Velimir Iveljic.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Jon Dowland)

DebConf7 accommodation: breakfasts

Hi there! We are working away on preparing an infomail for DebConf7 attendees, which will cover the specifics of Hostel check-in times, what to bring, key arrangements, etc. etc.

However, we could really use some figures on who might make use of the breakfast facilities offered by one of the two hostels, Budget Backpackers.

BB offer an uncooked breakfast (cereal, toast, tea and coffee, etc.) at a rate of 2 GBP per morning, payable on the morning. They are keen to know who might be interested in this service in advance, so they can prep the kitchen if the numbers are huge.

Both hostels have very good kitchen facilities and I’d expect that most people would be more inclined to group together and buy communal milk, cereal, etc. which is likely to work out cheaper too.

If you are staying in Budget Backpackers (check here if you are not sure) and you think you will be using the breakfast service, please mail as soon as possible with the days you may be doing this so I can let the hostel know and they can ensure they are adequately prepared for the demand.

Thank you!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf7 Final Report

After a lot of work, the DebConf7 Final Report has been released. The report is intended for a large audience, and includes impressions and facts from the conference. Whether you were there or not, we hope you will find the report an interesting read!

The report is available as a PDF.

Many thanks to those who assisted in the production of this report, and to all those who were there at DebConf7! See you in Argentina, August 2008!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Moray Allan)

DebConf7 logo

DebConf7 has a new logo:

Thanks to Valessio Brito for coming up with it!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Neil McGovern)

Well, at least it was memorable…

I think people now appreciate the huge amount of effort that goes into creating such an event.

An indoor waterfall and a light show isn’t the easiest thing in the world to create. Neither is an indoor paddling pool :)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Reconfirmation deadline tomorrow

Just a quick reminder: if you haven’t reconfirmed in our beloved pentabarf system, that you’ll be attending DebConf12 in Managua in just a bit more then 2 weeks, then… do so now! The reconfirmation deadline is tomorrow!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

DebConf9 CfP will end soon

This blog post is mostly a test to see the engine is still working… :-)

But I don’t think it hurts to mention that the deadline for registration and for submitting talks and workshops is in 8 days, so hurry up, if you haven’t already! Of course you can also register later, but then you won’t get sponsored and maybe won’t get a timeslot for your proposal.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Yet another camera…

We’re sitting in Teviot, the network is up and running and everyone here is happily hacking. So we can make detailed and concrete plans about the video setup now. And we just realized, that seven cameras are just not enough ;-)

If possible we would like to use eight cameras, because we’ll be switching between three cameras in the two main talk rooms, plus another camera in each BOF room. So if you happen to have another DV camera, please get in contact with us (to make sure we don’t end up having fourteen cameras…) and then bring it with you. That way, we won’t have to switch equiqment around and the people operating the cameras will always know what to expect in a certain venue.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Norman Garcia)

DebConf12 dates announced

The DebConf team just sent out a press release announcing the dates for DebConf12 in Nicaragua.

We hope to see many of you there!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Travel Sponsorship team)

Travel Sponsorship for DebConf11

Today we had our long-awaited Travel Sponsorship team meeting. It took a little more than 90 minutes but had us check the ratings we did in the past days, discuss various of the people and aspects of our decisions, and then finally we decided on the cutoff levels for this year.

Actually an easy step (in theory) cutoff levels, it is always hard. On the one side there are the beancounters and the team working each year to find money for the conference. Doing whatever it takes to have our sponsors happy. Who, of course, can not give us unlimited amounts of money.

On the other hand there are all the (possible) attendees. Many of which can not afford the travel if we do not help them.

Getting both sides happy is near to impossible. We had about 100 people asking for nearly 60’000 Euros. On the other hand we had 35’000 Euro to give out. Doesn’t match, and getting another 25’000 Euro just so is not very likely to happen. Which lead to a “Sorry, no money this year” for 29 people.

We currently have 12 people still waiting for money. They got a “maybe, if someone cancels or we are lucky to get another sponsor” mail, and we hope we can help them, but we are not sure. We are waiting for another 7800 Euros here.

But the nice and shiny side of this all is: We have 56 people who we agreed to sponsor travel for, in total 35’000 Euros.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: DebConf10 Talks Team)

DebConf10 call for contributions

The Debconf team is excited to announce that we are now accepting proposals for contributions to this year’s Debian conference! We invite you to submit proposals for how you would contribute until the deadline: May 1st, 2010, 23h59 UTC.

There are many ways you can contribute, you could present a technical paper, host a panel discussion, put on a tutorial, do a performance, an art installation, a debate, host a meeting (BoFs, or Birds of a Feather Session), or other possibilities that you devise. This year we are also accepting proposals for tracks—a thematic grouping around a particular subject, and people to coordinate those tracks. If you are looking for ideas of things that you could contribute, or have ideas for things that you would like to see happen at Debconf, have a look at the Contribution Brainstorm page.

DebConf talks will be broadcast live on the Internet where possible, unless otherwise requested. Videos of the talks will be published on the web along with the presentation slides and papers.

Step 1. Submit Proposal

Proposals should provide an overview of your proposed contribution, similar to an abstract, and be no more than 600 words. Since contributions can cover a range of issues, please describe what your proposal covers, be it political (Free Software, law, advocacy, access, etc.), technical (d-i, OpenPGP, etc.), social (Debian structures and groups). It’s okay to hit all three of these. Your proposal should also include some information on why you’re qualified to present, or coordinate this topic. For example, you can include links to posts you have made to Debian mailing lists or other material that indicates your qualifications. Proposals and their abstracts will be accepted until May 1st, 2010, 23h59 UTC.

To submit your proposal, go to and register as an attendee. Once you are registered, there is a “Submit a proposal” link. You will see your proposal on the site. You can choose between different presentation types. If you are unsure what type you should use, please read our definitions first. If it’s not there for some reason, or you have questions, please contact us immediately.

Step 2. Committee Review

The review committee for this year will make its decision by May 1st, 2010. All correspondence will be done by email.

Step 3. Paper Submission

Like last year, we are asking for papers to be submitted along with the presentations. A full paper is optional, however we strongly encourage you to submit one if possible as we intend to provide written information along with transcripts of the sessions for later viewing. Having written papers in advance will allow us to get translations done to help non-native-English speakers feel more comfortable with the topics presented. Papers are due by July 1st, 2010, and should cover the topic in reasonable depth (3 pages A4 text, plus pictures and diagrams). We will use LaTeX to typeset the proceedings. Please submit your paper formatted in LaTeX. Should you be unfamiliar with LaTeX earlier submission in plain text is also fine.

Step 4. Live Presentation

Longer presentations may have a break in the middle and should include workshop items that directly involve the participants. If using slides or any other presentation, please consider that your audience will consist of people who use free software, and your choice of application to prepare and display the slides should reflect this if at all possible.

Fine Print Publication Rights

Debconf requires non-exclusive publication rights to papers, presentations, and any additional handouts or audio/visual materials used in conjunction with the presentation. The authors have the freedom to pick a DFSG-free license for the papers themselves and retain all copyrights. The presentations will be recorded, and may be broadcast over the Internet. Any copies of the presentation will be made available under a license like the MIT/X11 license.

Failure to Submit

In the event that a deadline is missed we reserve the right to revoke any offer to present.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Leandro Gomez)

Make DebConf12 a success: donate or become a sponsor

The Debian Project’s annual conference is slowly coming closer. Visiting places around the world since 2000, DebConf will take place this year in Managua, Nicaragua, in July and will again provide an opportunity for people who contribute to Debian to meet in person for face-to-face collaboration and discussions.

At DebConf we try to bring together as many Debian contributors as possible, including those who could not afford to attend from their own resources. You can help make DebConf12 a success by your organisation becoming a sponsor, or by donating money as an individual.

Individual donations can be made online in either US dollars or euros.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can find more information about DebConf12 sponsor page or directly contact <>.

In addition to monetary donations, sponsorship can be provided in the form of in-kind donations, or by lending equipment for the conference period.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Many thanks and kudos to the videoteam!

Thanks to the awesome work of a lot of people (some not even here), this time we did the setup in one day less then previous years, and IMHO it was mostly rather very relaxed and efficient as well!
As you probably will know already, the streams are linked on the DebConf12 webpage and the recordings will be linked there, too, when they are ready. The scheduled release for that is tomorrow evening localtime, we’ll see if we can deliver :-)
To make this happen, there will be a video training session tomorrow morning at 11:00 in talkroom 2, Roberto Terán. The training will cover both the live session setup and the reviewing workflow and is definitly still open for new members!
So once again (one cannot say it enough, so please express your thanks as well) muchisimas gracias to all members of the dc12 videoteam! As Biella once said, you’re ninjas!
Last and definitly not least, many thanks to our equipment sponsors too (HP, IRILL, Debian and individuals)!
cheers, a very happy h01ger!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf6 Blog - Live from Mexico, Oaxtepec, first day down here

So, this should be the first blog post of the “DebConf6 Live Blog”, run by the DebConf6 Organizers, which appears on Planet Debian.

Lets start with some pictures: I have put up some pictures from my flight (the food :) ), and then from today here in Oaxtepec online. You can find them at our gallery, below the DebConf6 album. Everyone else who takes picture: Feel free to register at the gallery, and then send a little mail to, then you can put all your pictures also online there.

On the network side - well, we dont have network up in the Vacational Centre yet, Im sitting in a Internet Cafe down in the town, where some locals are building up Wifi Stuff to get Net to our events place. Lets see how that works out.

For the rest: Its a very nice place, really.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf9 schedule

The schedule for the upcoming DebConf9 is available. Most of it should be set already, but of course there still can be small changes until the conference starts, and honestly, until it ends :-) But we will try our best to avoid changes less then 48h in advance - and we count on you all here :-)

As usual we offer various ways to access the schedule:

  • Plain nice html export, available for everyone without needing a login.
  • The same as above but needs a login to access. This one has one extra feature above the non-login version, you can rate an event and its speaker(s) after you attended it.
  • An iCal file
  • A xCal file
  • A XML file

This should leave enough options for you to deal with it, have fun. :)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf7 Gallery

Similar to last year we opened a DebConf7 gallery on our gallery server.

We would like to have this again as a central point for all pictures taken at DebConf7, so we would really appreciate if you can (in addition to your own gallery) upload there.

As it is open for everyone just create a user and send a little mail to to get your account activated if you do not have one already.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Michael Schultheiss)

Debian Day at DebConf10

Debian Day will take place on the first day of DebConf10, Sunday, August 1, 2010 from 10:00 AM to 6:40 PM at Columbia University, New York City, New York.

We would love to see you join us at Debian Day. Registration is required but is free. If you are not already registered for DebConf10, please send an e-mail with your intent to attend to

Debian Day and DebConf10 are going to be great. We’re looking forward to seeing you in New York on August 1! More information on Debian Day is available at

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Report from our visit to Managua, Nicaragua

I’ve send a mail today with a summary of some of my experiences in Managua and tiny bits of Nicaragua late April / early May 2012. If you are considering going to DebConf12 (which you obviously should do as you are reading this!) go and read this mail, as it includes a thematically sorted list of impressions and advice written by Gunnar, Norman, Leo, Felix and myself, which should give you some better idea about DebConf12 in Managua!

While I spent 14 days in Nicaragua in total, for the last three days I was joined by Gunnar Wolf, to make sure my impressions about the local team, the status of the preparations and everything were correct. Our visit also seems to have been very motivating to local team members, whom I’ve seen really enthusiastic to welcome a huge Debian crowd for the first DebConf in Central America in just a few weeks!

At the last DebConf12 IRC meeting I summarized it like this: “in very short: my two weeks were great, I had a great vacation, met many members of the localteam, which is way bigger then it seems on irc, saw and liked UCA (Universidad Centroamericana, the DebConf12 venue), had zillions of reunions (meetings, see schedule wiki page) and met many nice people and a very hot & interesting country+capital with great countryside.”

The deadline for sponsored accomodation ends in three days - so if you haven’t registered yet, hurry up, DebCamp starts in 49 days! :-) (After that registration is still possible, but you will need to pay for your costs yourself.)

We’re looking forward to see you there and have a great DebConf together! Hopefully we sweat together while Wheezy is frozen :-D

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf6 Blog - Live from Mexico, Oaxtepec

Ok, as we just decided in our meeting (today, May 1st, for those of you with Alzheimer :) ), we will have a DebConf6 Blog. This is intended as another way for us orga-druids to show all those that can’t attend this years DebConf what they all miss. This feed will be submitted to on the 6th of May and will stay there until the end of May, this way covering the whole DebCamp, the DebConf and the short phase after it where we start to recover.

What should be blogged here, and not in your personal blog? Well, everything, forget your own blog. :) Oh well, no, interesting parts around the whole conference, how’s live at DebConf, including images (put them into and then link them. (Thats the debconf6-data website/media/dc6 folder in svn).

How to blog is also easy. A blog entry is a pure textfile, with two exceptions: The very first line is the title of the entry and the second-line is special and needs to start with “meta-author: ” followed by your name, eg “meta-author: Joerg Jaspert”. That name will then be included in the blog-post, so it is clear who wrote it. See this existing file for an example. All those files are put into the debconf6-data svn, subfolder blog.

Now, have fun with it!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf Resources

I just setup a DNS entry for, on request of David Moreno Garza. He also got a mailing-list for that upcoming mini Debian Conference.

Which reminded me to blog about resources again, so that more people know/remember that there is something they can use whenever they organize a Debian meeting.

If you happen to organize a meeting of Debian Developers / interested Debian people you can chose to use any resource you need for it. This currently means:

DNSa name within Either pointing to your host, if you have one, or see below for hosting.
Current style seems to be $, but we also have some entries, so are pretty open. And in case it doesn’t fit into - there is always without restrictions (as its not really used currently).
Mailing-ListWant a mailing-list?
HostingDon’t have an own server for it? possibly has space for you.
You would manage the content via a svn repository.
CMSConference Management System - AKA pentabarf. Available in future, more info on that point when we finally switched to a version that let’s us easily give access to other people without giving out all personal data. :)
GalleryUse our gallery. Actually - don’t bother asking, just use it, as long as you use it for Debian related event pictures.

Want more? We have a page listing most of our resources, maybe you find something you need.

Want something? Mail and describe what you want, most possibly we will make it happen. Or try to get one of us admins on IRC, you are looking for one of the nicks Ganneff, mhy, sgran, gwolf or h01ger. No, we do not bite … usually. :)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Vedran Omeragic)

DebConf11: Registrations and Call for Contributions

Registrations for DebConf11 are now open!

Dear guests, attendees and contributors, we are happy to announce that registrations for this year’s Conference are now open. The instructions for registration process can be found under Register page. While the basic registrations will not close until the end of the Conference, sponsored registrations however, have the deadline. If you would like to apply for sponsored attendance, then it is imperative that you do it before 8th May! Should you have any further questions regarding registrations, please mail them at

Call for Contributions!

We invite submissions of proposals for papers, presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for Debconf11. Submissions don’t have to be limited to traditional talks, you could propose a performance, art installation, debate, or anything else. Official submissions will be accepted until May 8th 2011, 23:59 UTC. For more information, please visit Call for contributions page.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Martín Ferrari)

Spread the word!

I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian
developers meetingStefano Zacchiroli proposed the idea of spreading the word about DebConf8 in a recent blog post, in a way similar to what FOSDEM did this year. So be a part of the meme! Add this HTML snippet to your blog posts and help spread the word!

<a href="">
<img src=""
     alt="I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian 
     developers meeting" />
22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: The DebConf6 Orga Team)

DebConf6 Over - Thanks to all and pictures for the gallery

As you probably know by now: DebConf6 is over! It was an excellent event at a nice location with some amazing network details - such as 1.8km of cable to get all our areas linked into the local network, and having a fiber link into the tower - with 10mbit hubs.

We would like to say thank you to all the people who helped to run and organize this conference, taking on tasks such as

  • Getting the reception to do the right things at the right time
  • Running our info desk, handling a very broad set of tasks
  • Getting the local network running, including all the cables and wireless parts
  • Getting the uplink running
  • Maintaining the local servers and video machines
  • Recording videos of the talks, workshops and BoFs
  • Managing the sound equipment
  • Streaming the videos to the world
  • Printing name tags and food tickets
  • Packing the bags for the participants
  • Managing Talks
  • Collecting food tickets
  • Laundry management
  • Translating Spanish to English, and vice versa
  • Maintaining the schedule
  • Taking people to the medical service
  • Making T-Shirts
  • Managing the Formal Dinner
  • Tidying up
  • Arranging a great day trip
  • Translating texts
  • All the tasks we missed to mention here but still got done

Additional thanks go to all the people who lent us their hardware, our sponsors for making the event possible in the first place (see the full list at, and to all the attendees who managed to keep on smiling even when things didn’t always turn out as expected.

While we are at it: There is a central gallery for DebConf6 behind As it is open for everyone, just create a user there and send a little mail to to get your account activated.

We would like to have this as a central point for all pictures taken at DebConf6 (and all prior / following DebConf-Events), so we would really appreciate if you can (in addition to your own gallery) upload the pictures from DebConf6 or all prior events you attended there.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: DebConf Organisational team)

Announcement from the DebConf Organisational team

Hi all,

Today we have made the unfortunate decision to ask an attendee of DebConf6 to leave the conference.

Due to some disturbances that have occurred during the conference, accumulating in a incident at the formal dinner, we feel that it is inappropriate for the attendee to remain a participant of DebConf.

This is a decision we have not taken lightly, however, we believe that it is essential to ensure a productive and pleasant atmosphere for the DebConf community.

Further details are available for Debian Developers on the debian-private list, or for other conference attendees by visiting the information desk.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf Blog - It’s back

The DebConf blog is back. This time not limited to a running DebConf, but should stay alive forever. (Well, as long as someone feeds it new entries).

There are a few differences compared to our last instance, so lets write a bit about it here:

  • The blog lives in svn, everything has to go through it. Updates are done every 10 minutes.
  • There are various “categories” available, those are simply subdirectories in the blog dir, currently we have debconf6/, debconf7/ and general. Where debconf6 contains the items we had in the DC6 blog, debconf7 will hold those that fit DC7, general is of interest for all. Feel free to create debconf8 when you have something to blog about DC8 stuff. Also feel free to create subdirectories in those categories if needed.
  • Ignore flavours/, thats our template. Talk to our webadmin(s) if you want changes there.

What should be blogged here, and not in your personal blog? Well, everything, forget your own blog. :) Oh well, no, interesting parts around the whole conference, how’s live at DebConf, including images (small ones - put them into images/. That will appear as /blosxom/ at the blog site. Large ones - consider to put them into the gallery and link them from there). Basically anything thats interesting for DebConf attendees / future attendees. And if it doesnt fit a debconfX/ category, then take general/.

How to blog is also easy. A blog entry is a pure textfile, with two exceptions: The very first line is the title of the entry and the second-line is special and needs to start with “meta-author: ” followed by your name, eg “meta-author: Joerg Jaspert”. That name will then be included in the blog-post, so it is clear who wrote it. Then its basically text, with a few things replaced by helpful plugins:

  • Every empty line between two paragraphs gets a plugin to add <p></p> around those paragraphs.
  • SmartyPants does a few replacements:
    • Straight quotes ( <”> and <’> ) into “curly” quote HTML entities
    • Backticks-style quotes (<“>like this<”>) into “curly” quote HTML entities
    • Dashes (<—> and <–>) into en- and em-dash entities
    • Three consecutive dots (<…>) into an ellipsis entity…

All blog files are put into the debconf-blog svn on

Now, have fun with it!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl)

How to contribute via irc

If you would like to contribute to a session while watching the live stream, please join the respective IRC channels. These are: #debconf-auditorium and #debconf-roundroom on The Web 2.0 thingy at will be updated soonish.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Video recordings - consider them done!

The headline is not entirely correct, there are still a very few recordings missing but the awesome videoteam (/me bowes) has already relased 75 low and 64 high quality encodings! Missing stuff will be added when it’s ready.

As usual you can get them all from the Debian videoteam archive. All available recordings are also linked from the DebConf11 schedule. For the first time we licenced our work under CC-BY 3.0.

Please leave a comment on wiki/DebConf11/Videoteam/Thanks.

Personally I’d like to deeply thank everybody who made DebConf11 a success! I’m proud to be part of a great and diverse community working on achieving their one common goal: to create the best free operating system! Have fun on the way!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Moray Allan)

Healthcare during DebConf

If you are coming to DebConf from an EU member country, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, you are entitled to free healthcare in the UK (not including elective treatment or non-urgent pre-existing conditions).

To prove that you are entitled to this, you need a free European Health Insurance Card. The arrangements for getting one will depend on your country, but if you don’t yet have one you should apply as soon as possible, to get one in time for DebConf.

Residents and citizens of many other countries are entitled to a more limited level of free healthcare, as listed on the DebConf7 website.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf Gallery

As in previous years we have a DebConf Gallery running.

We would like to encourage people who have taken pictures around DebCamp, DebConf and DebianDay to upload them to

The server is open for everyone but accounts need to be activated by admins to avoid spam. If you create an account and it isn’t confirmed within 2 hours, feel free to talk to one of the admins in person or on IRC.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Gunnar Wolf)

Desperate - written some hours ago

Note: This entry was written at least 24 hours ago. After a very long day filled with frustration and hope, the situation right now is quite different - But I still want to share what I already wrote ;-)

I’m sad.

I have worked towards having a Debconf in Mexico for a long time - I started playing with the idea maybe three years ago, after being at Oslo, and started pushing for it one year later, in Brazil. Last year, before leaving to Finland, it was a fact: I convinced everybody that our country could be a great place to host Debconf. The last month or so, basically my whole time has been devoted to making this conference something worth remembering. And this has been an exciting year of work.

But a couple of weeks ago, I realized it was probably not such a good idea, probably this is not the best way in which I can contribute to Debian being better, or get more Mexicans involved in Free Software. And I fear that, if something does not change soon, we will break the impressing steady growing and professionalization of our conference.

What was the problem? Lack of people. Lack of committment. Lack of time. Things that -by whatever means it has been possible- we have been solving. But right now, the main problem is the network. I trusted to have enough network quality in a semi-rural setting, we didn’t actually have the time to properly test our plans were well laid out, we didn’t test if the line of sight we supposed we would have would work, I didn’t press for the hardware to be ready on time, we had communication errors that led different teams into believing the other would provide specific equipment we needed… This is not so bad, as it is solved only with enough devoted time at the beginning of the conference itself - But once the pieces were already in place, the situation didn’t improve - Maybe because the hardware was less than what we expected, or because we rely on having access to the roof of the neighbour of the neighbour of a friend… Who knows. The fact is, we do not have network access - And when we have it, it is darn slow and with a tremendous amount of packet loss. And it seems that the only thing you really need for a good Debconf is a bunch of friendly geeks, which we have, and good network access - which we don’t.

I wanted also to misspell the bad impression many people have of Mexicans, about us being informal, never really committed, and always having an excuse. But… Well, I also failed miserably on that. I really didn’t want this to be the “mañana” Debconf. That is a sad prejidice I don’t want my country to have - As many of you surely know by now, I love this country and talk about its beauty and good things every time I can. Of course, not all problems are to be blamed on Mexicans, it would be foolish for me to believe so, but we do have our fair share of guilt.

Still… Hope is not yet lost. Debconf hasn’t formally started - We are at Debcamp still. Up to today, we are a group of forty-something geeky friends having a good time, talking, having sun and pool time, and laughing and complaining about the network and about the heat. The Debian community will not forget Mexico. And progress is being made every day. There are some really really cool things about this, and I’ll try to cool down and enjoy what we have. The strongest stress seems to be over (at least for now, wait until most people arrive on Friday/Saturday/Sunday). And it is good that I can identify a forming depression - maybe this can help disspell it before it is too late - We only have Debconf once a year, and I do not want to be sad during it.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Streams are up

To say it again and upfront: streaming is optional. While we do try to make them work as best as we can, we also want to state again, that our priority is to preserve DebConf7 for eternity and not for the viewing pleasure of those few, who can’t wait :-D

That said, is up and running. Yay! Yay! This time also with a lolstream over night.

That announced, we’re still sorting out minor and not so minor glitches. So, I’ll stop blogging now.

And we’re still looking for more servers in Australia, Asia, Africa and Antarctica :-)

And now let’s hope everything will work out in the real world! Have fun at DebConf or watching on your sofa, if you’re lucky :-)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Martín Ferrari)

DebConf 8 website: a call for help

DebConf 8 is approaching and our website is clearly not what we’d like it to be. It turns out that compiling all the useful stuff that travellers might need is not easy, so we kindly ask you —dear lazyweb—, to lend us a hand.

The most important thing we need, is to recognise missing data. When you’re a local, is difficult to know what foreigners might need to know. So, even if you don’t know the country, your different point of view could help.

The second thing is to actually get articles written, some stuff ought to be written by locals, but the majority can be researched from the web (as we already did!). Proof-reading and checking translation is also appreciated.

Send us your patches, comments and suggestions to the website queue at the RT system, or contact Tincho@OFTC. Don’t sweat over formatting: plain text is OK, if you want to provide markup, please use very spartan XHTML Strict.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf8 Travel Sponsorship

I finally sent out a flood of mails to those people that applied for Travel Sponsorship for this years Debian Conference in Argentina. We have 58 people who got a position in our sponsorship queue, asking for nearly 60.000 USD in total. We are not yet sure if we are able to reimburse all of them, but we will at least try to.

We also have 24 people rejected from this queue and possibly some people haven’t been able to fill out their settings in our conference management system correctly/in time. While we are sorry for them, we can’t do much here.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Jimmy Kaplowitz)

DebConf10 dates and venue announced

The DebConf10 team just sent out a press release announcing the dates and venue for DebConf10 in New York City. Most of the readers of this blog already saw it through some other list, so I’ll just put the dates here and provide the full text plus other relevant info via links.

We hope to see many of you there!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Schmehl)

If you are one of those watching this years session via the video stream…

Update: Fixed a typo in the channel names.

… and would to participate more interactivly, you’ll be pleased ot hear that we created two special irc channels for you on They are called #debconf-talks-tower and #dc6-talks-hacklab. Full schedule available updated as soon as we need to make a change is available at

Our Moderators, Nattie and Tolimar will try to keep an eye on those channels and proxy your questions.

Please use those channels only to ask questions. No general discussion about the talks, no chatting, or we might loose track and ignore the channels ;) Thanks!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: DebConf10 Videoteam)

DebConf10: please say thank you to the whole team

If you appreciate the videoteams work, please leave a message in our wiki. We truely love to her your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work. Your feedback is truely very important to us! :-)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)

DebConf Newbies/Non-Regulars Funding for 2011

As previously announced in Ganneff’s blog and Debian News, a special funding for DebConf11 is available for Debian Developers and Debian Maintainers who have either never attended a DebConf before, or who have not been to a DebConf since DebConf7 (in Scotland).

How to apply

Email the DebConf Newbies Team ( providing the following information:

  • estimate of your travel costs
  • where you are traveling from
  • amount you are unable to fund yourself
  • dates you plan to arrive and leave
  • if you have been to DebConf before
  • if you will also need sponsored food and accommodation
  • whether you have already registered for DebConf11 (if not - do so now!)

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Tolimar Schmehl)

A small note for your time management:

As might already noticed (or will soon), distances down here are a bit longer than expected.

So if you stay at the hacklab, and wait for the last second to get to a session in the parliamentary tower, please reserve enough time! It takes you at least 10 minutes (while walking at a quite normal speed - and you might not want to try fast walking in the high noon sun).

We have a small picture guide showing you the way from the hacklab to the tower in our internal wiki at and a PDF at .

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: DebConf10 Videoteam)

DebConf10: you can has videos

Just (on) a very short notice: the streams are up! See the DebConf10 webpage for URLs and schedule. Enjoy! (We are using GeoIP and you might want to try different browsers…)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Travel Sponsorship team)

Small update about Travel Sponsorship for DebConf11

As usual many people requested travel sponsorship to attend DebConf 11 and are now waiting eagerly on the outcome of their request. We are sorry, that we can’t give you much details yet. To give you an idea of the time line, here is a small explanation of the process.

About 100 people requested travel sponsorship. In total that would about 50’000 Euro. Problem is currently we don’t exactly know, how much money we may spend on travel sponsorship ourselves (By the way: If a potential sponsor is reading this, please contact us; DebConf also accepts donations).

So, we formed a team of 13 persons (the mail only lists twelve, one was added later). The team members will start to rate each and every single request in two criteria: Contributor Level and sponsorship amount. With limited amounts we obviously want to sponsor those first, who contribute a lot to Debian, preferably if they don’t travel first class.

After that’s done, we’ll have a long, but ordered list, but the team still needs to meet and discuss different cases and similar. Our team isn’t really small and consists of people living all over the world, it’s quite hard to actually schedule a meeting everyone can attend. (Which is not a bug, but a feature: More people from more countries should in the end result in a fair rating of the sponsorship requests.)

So, in the end, we’ll meet on 19th of June. Sounds late, please keep in mind, that every team member has to rate all sponsorship requests (including some research) and all of them are volunteers with actual daytime jobs.

But even if you don’t hear anything from us short after that date, don’t panic! As said we really don’t know, yet, how much money we can spend on travel sponsorship. Our sponsor-hunting-team is constantly working on the acquisition of more money, so every now and then the budget for travel sponsorship gets increased, meaning that we can mail a couple of more people on our ordered list. So it might take a while, till we get to all, but we try very hard to do so.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Michael Schultheiss)

Last Call for keys for keysigningat DebConf10

As part of the 11th Debian Conference in New York City, USA, there will be OpenPGP (pgp/gpg) keysignings. If you intend to participate in the DebConf10 keysignings, please send your ascii armored public key as explained no later than Tuesday 20th of July, 2010 at 23:59 UTC.

If your mail to cannot get through, send it to anibal at v7w dot com but first try the email address, please.

More (and up-to-date) information is available so keep watching that page.

— Aníbal Monsalve Salazar and the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

DebCamp9 video streams

DebConf9 has finally begun with OpenDay today, Information about video streams is available on our wiki and now I need to stop blogging for our daily organisational meeting, which we conviniently timed at lunch time, so we have a good reason to keep it short :-)

We are still looking for volunteers for various jobs: food ticket checking, frontdesk work, videoteam work, announcing the speakers and making sure everything is fine with the talks - so if you are here and can spare a few hours once or on several days, please come to frontdesk and speak with us!


22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf maintenance

In the last few days we (as in DebConf admins Steve Gran, Mark Hymers and myself) have been doing some DebConf maintenance work.

Some time ago one of DebConf’s permanent sponsors, ByteMark sponsored a new machine, krabappel, which we use as a replacement for the older machine we have from them, cmburns. It was neccessary, as good old cmburns had a lot of stuff running and so was always pretty loaded. Imagine it running most of our websites, main mail and dns server and then also having 4 vserver instances on it. Those vserver itself where also running things that do use some resources, like our wiki and the main DebConf7 site, the PentaBarf test-host and our LedgerSMB instance.

While it was long decided to move stuff our - we just had to find time to do it. This weekend seems to be it, everything is migrated except cmburns itself, as that needs a fix in the reverse dns entries for the new /28 we got.

We are using xen-tools to make installation of new images easy. For that I wrote a script that is used as a role script, automating all that various setup tasks that one can automate easily. Which means that it takes about 5 minutes to get a complete new XEN domain up and running. (Add some minutes to add it to nagios2, munin, our mail setup and to sync the userdatabase.)

Mark and Steve also did another migration: is now using gallery2. Still needs a nice layout designed looking similar to our normal DebConf website, but that shouldn’t be too hard to get. While they have been on it they also integrated, so that it is back up again. Feel free to use both of them! offers space for all DebConf related pictures, be it the main yearly DebConf (and related) or regional DebConfs, like the one planned for Panama soon. is a place where pictures from all Debian related events/parties/whatever can be put. Basically - whenever people working on Debian meet (like a BSP, a work meeting, etc) - feel free to put pictures up there. Just put them into a folder matching the year it happened in… Basic goal is to get a huge set of pictures from people involved in Debian.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Felix Delattre)

DebConf12 Website online

After using our small pre-website for some time now, we are very happy to announce the official website has gone live:

Now it is the right time for you to get involved supporting the event or just enjoy the design and help us to spread the new website, f.e. by using our nice banners in the artwork section. Please stay tuned: Registration is going to be opened soon.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)

DebConf10 Final Report released!

After numerous contributions from many of you, the DebConf team has finally released the DebConf10 Final Report. It’s a 46-page document which gives the reader an idea about the conference as a whole. It includes descriptions of talks, DebCamp and Debian Day activities, personal impressions, attendee and budgeting numbers, the work of various teams, social events, funny pictures and so on. If you attended Debconf10, the report will refresh some of your remarkable memories and bring you closer to the organization team work. If not, it will certainly encourage you to be part of future Debian events :)

The report is available in two PDF sizes and can be downloaded from Debconf media website. Enjoy!

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Margarita Manterola)

Reconfirmation deadline approaching

June 15th is the last day to reconfirm your attendance to DebConf8. If you are certain that you are coming, please reconfirm by setting the ‘Reconfirm Attendance’ box in your PentaBarf’s account.

If you have decided not to come to DebConf8, we are truly sorry about it, but we ask you to please state this by unchecking the ‘I want to attend this conference box’.

Currently, 397 people have registered for DebConf8, 340 plan to attend, but only 122 have reconfirmed (live stats).

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Talks team)

DebConf11 preliminary schedule available

We are happy to announce that the preliminary schedule for the upcoming DebConf11 is available! As usual, it is still possible that more changes will occur, though we don’t expect anything major.

DebConf11 talks will mostly happen in two rooms simultaneously, except for a few plenaries which will be presented in the main room with no parallel event. We’ve tried to cluster related talks/BoFs in sequence, even though it was not always possible. Besides that there will be tracks covering specific topics, which are:

  • webservices
  • Blends
  • Debian/Society

As in previous years, we provide many ways to access the schedule:

  • Plain nice html export, available for everyone without needing a login. This is linked from the DC11 main page.
  • The same as above but needs a login to access. This one has one extra feature above the non-login version, you can rate an event and its speaker(s) after you attended it.
  • An iCal file
  • A xCal file
  • A XML file

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Jimmy Kaplowitz)

Registration now open for DebConf10

Registration is now open for DebConf10. The dates of the conference are August 1-7, 2010, with arrivals at our group lodging permitted as of 3 PM on July 31 and departures required by 11 AM on August 8. The conference is preceded by DebCamp from July 25-31 including the arrival day. To receive announcements regarding DebConf and DebCamp, please subscribe to the debconf-announce mailing list.

In order to avoid spamming Planet Debian with a long post detailing registration procedure, travel sponsorship, DebCamp info, and cost of attendance, please instead see the DebConf10 website’s registration page to answer all your questions. As always, feel free to contact the DebConf team via email or IRC for answers not provided by the website.

DebConf10 is going to be great. We’re looking forward to seeing you in New York in August!

— the DebConf team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Schmehl)

Today is DebConf hug day

As pointed out by mooch: Today is DebConf hug day!

You are allowed to hug anyone at any time. Especially volunteers and members of the orga team, but of course everyone else, who looks like he needs a hug, should be hugged, too.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Jimmy Kaplowitz)

DebConf10 visa information available


The DebConf10 local team would like to announce availability of visa information at

Full information is contained at that page, provided by our lawyer; however some important points are indicated below.

- The United States depends on its tens of millions of visitors annually for its economy to function. Getting approved for a visa is not a rare exception, and it is even easier given our generous free help from an immigration lawyer.

- If you are from a Visa Waiver Program country (see visa page), fill out the ESTA web form to apply for your travel authorization now. You don’t need any information about the conference itself or your means of travel.

- If you will need to apply for a visa, check the visa information page for information on what to do. Carefully check the wait times for your country’s embassy. For most countries there is no *immediate* urgency, but plan to get an appointment well in advance of May 2010.

- Make sure you will have a passport that will expire in February 2011 or later (6 months after the latest possible DebConf date). If not, apply for a new passport.

Special note to Venezuelans: Since the wait time for a visa appointment in Caracas is so long, we have been paying special attention to its visa application process. We have reports that the dates for visa appointments are moving quickly, getting later and later. If you are are applying for a visa in Caracas, you need to make an appointment immediately. You just need to make an appointment now, supporting materials can be assembled later. Also consider applying for a visa in a different US embassy such as the Quito, Ecuador one with a significantly shorter wait time. Consult with our lawyer for advice on the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

The local team hopes that everyone interested can meet us in New York City and have a great DebConf10 experience! Feel free to email us (publicly archived list) or ask in #debconf-team or #debconf-nyc on OFTC with your questions or ideas.

- The DebConf10 Local Team

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Some more streaming relays wanted

It’s 24h until DebianDay, the day promoting Debian to the general public in Edinburgh, which is the preceeding event of DebConf7. The video setup is almost completly done now. It will allow us to publish the recordings shortly (within hours) afterwards, with very little manual work. Today we’ll be polishing it some more and test everything with three simultaneous streams. Yesterday we successfully tested mixing video from three cameras, which was recorded and streamed to the net.

While recording has still the highest priority, the streaming setup this year will (hopefully) also really rock: thanks to the help of some friendly OFTC people we’ll use geoDNS, so that there will be one DNS name for all and the users will automatically be directed to the closest server. The problem is, there is only one server in Australia, and no servers in Asia, Africa and Antarctica.

If you have a server in one of these regions, and if can open port 8000 in- and outgoing, please contact us, as described in this mail. Clients will use about 300 kbit/s each.

As soon as the geoDNS is in place, I’ll blog again and publish the URL, so that you can watch us testing… :-)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Damn statistics ;-)

Looking at the munin stats of the video streams watched (link only works from the DebConf7 network) today was a bit disappointing. About 40 viewers in average for all four rooms combined, worldwide and on the local network together. The upper talk room alone had a peek of 35 viewers today.

But I think (or hope?) the streams were and are still useful, since they allow Debian contributors to participate in DebConf, who otherwise couldn’t. So if you’re one of those, please let us know what you think about the streams, and recordings as well.

What I am really happy about is the software framework we created before and during DebCamp and DebConf. IMO it is really impressive and very very helpful, compared to previous workflows. Ben already blogged a about it a bit. Unsurprisingly the documentation can be improved still and it’s not the only thing that can be improved. And we do have more great stuff in the pipeline for DebConf8 :-)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf Talk Feedback

Like last year, we have a feedback system available again. If you attended an event during DebConf and want to give feedback on it, including free-form text to the presenter, this is your chance!

As an attendee

To give feedback please look at the schedule and select the event you want to comment on. You will notice a box saying Did you attend this event? Give Feedback, follow its link and fill out the form.

As a speaker

If you want to see what feedback your event got, please log in to the submission system and select the event you want to know more about. You will see a tab named Feedback, behind which you can find all the newly-written love letters.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

Wireless setup for DebConf7

Only in the beginning of May it became clear that we need a new wireless sponsor this year, which quite quickly was found:, which is a german grassroot movement, connecting people and communities with mesh networks.

As some of them are also upstream OpenWRT developers, we didn’t only get 19 accesspoints, but I also got quite some intensive training, which resulted in this wikipage with quite extensive documentation and a nice 3D map, how+where+why to place accesspoints.

So we’ll use the Kamikaze version of OpenWRT, whereever possible. Despite it’s name, Kamikaze is the new stable release of OpenWRT, the successor of WhiteRussian.

The accesspoints will be simply running in bridge mode (and using DHCP to get their IP and not running a DHCP server themselves) and provide unencrypted wireless (authentification via chillispot, you’ll have to login once via a webfrontend, then your MAC address will be recorded and you don’t need to login again) on the ESSID DebConf7. We’ll have 802.11b+g everywere and additionally 802.11a in some places.

We calculated that for Teviot we’ll need approximatly 15 accesspoints and three extra for the hackcenter we’ll be using at night. As we got 19 from freifunk, we should have enough. But I like to have some more, to be on the safe side and to be able to replace the least powerful ones with better ones.

If you can bring an accesspoint that runs OpenWRT, please send a short mail to We prefer OpenWRT, so we can easily include them into our monitoring with munin and because it’s a PITA to deal with lots of different web interfaces for administration (and look up lots of different manuals on different webpages…). If you really want to bring an AP which doesn’t run OpenWRT, make sure the config described above is possible and please pre-configure it like that.

You can check if your accesspoint can run OpenWRT, a modell with broadcom or atheros chips would be best, simply because I already have preconfigured images. Alternativly, the above mentioned wikipage has instructions how to build an image. (And I have a build environment on my laptop. But that’s easy to setup.)

On a personal note, I intend not to be much involved in the wireless setup this year after unpacking the hardware, there is a nice admin team this year and I want to concentrate on the video team and our work there.

And last but not least, but again: don’t just plug your AP into the network in Teviot. God might kill a kitten, and we might loose our uplink if you do :-)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Margarita Manterola)

Talks for DebianDay wanted

This year, DebianDay will take place in Buenos Aires, on Monday August 18th, the day after DebConf ends. We are still in need of talks for DebianDay, so, if you are coming to DebConf and you’ll be staying a few more days in Argentina after the conference, you are invited to give a talk on whatever you want as long as it’s Debian related.

Some suggestions for talk subjects for DebianDay:

  • Debian in Latin America
  • Internationalization in Debian
  • How to help Debian
  • Debian Live
  • Making a Debian derivative distribution
  • Packaging for Debian
  • … And anything else you feel might be interesting to people who are not DDs, but are interested in Debian.

We are planning on having two tracks, one for newbies and one for advanced talks; talks in Spanish are welcome, but don’t worry if you don’t speak the language, for talks in English, we will probably have a translator.

To submit a talk, just log in to your DebConf account and click in the “New event/Paper” link.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl)

Participate remotely with your Web Browser

Thanks to Valessio Brito you can also participate on many sessions by simply opening in your browser. You’ll see a stream, the schedule, and twitter posts and can join the irc channels used to comment / discussion during the sessions.

You’ll either need a HTML5 compliant Web Browser or java.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Moray Allan)

DebConf7 accommodation

It looks like there are still a few spare beds in the hostel block booking for DebConf. So if you don’t have sponsored accommodation for DebConf, but would like to stay with other DebConf attendees, write to now.

The spare beds will be allocated to people in the order emails are received; the price per night will be £12 (currently €17.60), which is a special reduced rate due to our large bookings.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Leandro Gomez)

Registration open for DebConf12

The Debian Project is pleased to announce that registration is now open for DebConf12, which will take place in Managua, Nicaragua, from Sunday 8 July to Saturday 14 July 2012. The conference will be preceded as usual by one week of DebCamp, from Sunday 1 July to Saturday 7 July.

As previous years, three different registration options will be available: Sponsored, Professional and Corporate. Through the Sponsored category, the Debian Project intend to help some people attend who would not be able to pay for their own travel to DebConf. The Corporate category, with a USD 1300 (EUR 1000) registration fee is intended for those attending DebConf as representatives of companies. The Professional category, with a USD 650 (EUR 500) registration fee, is intended for any individual or company who wants to help the conference by paying the direct costs of their attendence.

It will only be possible to apply for food and accommodation grants and/or travel grants until 15 May. For more detailed information about how to register, please see the separate announcement from the DebConf team.

Call for papers

Debian invites submissions of proposals for papers, presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for its DebConf12 conference. Submissions are not limited to raditional talks: you could propose a performance, art installation, debate, or anything else. Official submissions will be accepted until 1 June 2012, 23:59 UTC.

This year, we will continue to organize some talks into thematic tracks. If you have a proposal for a DebConf track, please contact <>. Previous examples included Debian Science, Debian Infrastructure, and Community Outreach tracks. If you would like to be a track coordinator, please volunteer on that list. Detailed information on how to submit an event are available on the mail from the DebConf team.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Martín Ferrari)

DebConf8 dates decided!

After a very short meeting, the DebConf team agreed on having the next DebConf the first two weeks of August. That will be August, 2nd to August, 17th. Also, the Debian Day will be held after DebConf in Buenos Aires, just before the eigth edition of the Regional Free Software Conference, a very big event with people coming from different countries in South America. This way, we expect to reach much more people.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

DebConf9 Feedback system

While DebConf9 is over, there are still things to do, we are not done yet. There is even one thing every attendee can do: Give Feedback!

Did you attend an event during DebConf9? Did you like it? Was the speaker competent? Or could they improve something? Help them by telling it. Just go to the schedule, select the event you attended and follow the link in the “Feedback” box. You can rate the speaker in 5 different ways and even leave a text comment for them. (Please note that your name will not be shown to the speaker).

Have you been a speaker? Want to see what attendees thought about your performance? Go to the submission interface, select your event and look into the “Feedback” tab.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: DebConf10 Videoteam)

DebConf10: beta versions of the recordings are up

For your enjoyment and enlightment, 85 videos in low and high encoding quality are available at the usual location already, which I think is totally superimpressive, even though the videos are relased as betas (or maybe alphas?) - so you might find issues. We will continue to work on them the next days and^w^w weeks, if you’re on the team you can use the reviewing interface in penta like you did in NYC. More information about the work still to be done should be available on our mailing list in a few days…
As previously said, please leave a thanks-message in our wiki. We truely love to hear your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work. Your feedback is truely very important to us!
It is important to leave your thanks mesaage on the wiki, as our team consisted of about 40 wonderful people this year, so if you “just” say thanks to a few members, your message will not be as powerful and motivating as it could be :-)
So much for now, big thanks to everyone who help make DebConf10 a wonderful experience and great conference! You rock!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Holger Levsen)

DebCamp9 haz internets

The basic infrastructure has already been set up: we have internet at the main venue \o/ via a 20mbit symetric connection. Currently cat5 cables are being placed in the venue, the work to setup the wireless APs has begun, we have a basic frontdesk and the catering is also already providing us with food. Even the temperature is still bearable - inside and outside in the shadow ;-)

What we are lacking mostly atm are attendees and volunteers - if you can dedicate some time during DebConf or Camp, please talk to the frontdesk and look at our ToDo list.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Gunnar Wolf)

Submit your greatest ideas as a DebConf12 talk (read: Call for Papers reminder)

DebConf12 is drawing closer and closer! Have you ever been to a DebConf? You will surely agree with us: It’s a life-changing event! It’s one of the greatest geek gatherings in the world! It’s something you can’t afford on missing out! It’s… wait..

Oh, sorry, I had my spam mode set to highest. But still, that does not make it any less true.

And one third of May has already passed. This means that the first deadlines are just around the corner: next Tuesday (15-may), sponsored registration will close, so make sure to register before it’s too late.

But wait… wasn’t this about the call for papers?

Right, that’s not the point of my post, I wandered off again. I’m sorry, I just visited Managua last weekend (Holger will soon tell you about our visit), and it’s impossible to keep the mind off the excitement. I wanted to ask you to share your greatest, latest ideas or projects.

DebConf is about many things — But one of its most important features is its rich set of talks, usually with very high and interesting contents in the technical, social, organizational levels — Or several of them at once.

As always, you will be able to submit talks until a day before you present it. However, it’s best for your intended audience to know bits about your proposed topic, possibly even to share some information beforehand, so that the exposition can be as smooth as possible and the interaction during the talk even more — And this is specially true for BoF sessions.

However, we do have one advertised deadline: Talks submitted up to June 1st will be considered to be pre-scheduled. This means, to be part of the officially announced program, and have guaranteed coverage of our (always great) video team.

DebConf Tracks

But maybe you don’t feel comfortable presenting a topic. Or you are, but you think it would be important to have several thematically related talks be grouped together.

And if you are interested in this group of talks, you will probably know who would be more interesting to invite to present the topics - And will be able to prod them to do so.

You can request to coordinate a track. That will ensure you get a contiguous block of timeslots for the talks you schedule, and do a great contribution to DebConf.

To add your track, please mail Please, specially if you do so in the few days following May 9, send me a copy to, as it seems the alias is not yet set up.

Tutorials and mentoring

This year, we will have a high number of very motivated attendees from the many countries in the Central American region who want to get started in helping Debian, but have not yet found how to do it. Usually we would see local communities as prime material for DebianDay – However, many of them are more interested in getting hands-on tutorials and be mentored into contributing to Debian.

So, if you are part of a team working on a given aspect of Debian, or want to get people involved into your project, register it in the Tutorials and mentoring track.

See you all soon, very soon, in tropical Managua for the hottest DebConf ever!

(oh — For those who remember days long past in Helsinki: There is even a sauna! ;-) And it’s GREAT)

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Gunnar Wolf)

DebConf12 schedule ready!

The DebConf12 schedule is finally available!

As usual, the DebConf conference can only be finalized a couple of days before DebConf itself starts. But hey — Take a look at it, and start planning your activities!

Not final, never final

Remember that, even now that the conference schedule is announced, you can still submit talks to DebConf, following what we call ad-hoc talks. What are the steps to do it?

  1. Check the schedule and find the timeslot (day, hour and room) you want to talk in
  2. Register your event in Pentabarf, and note the generated event ID (the last number in the URL after the submission is accepted)
  3. Send a mail to detailing the event ID, title (just to confirm it), and the requested timeslot
  4. All requests _must_ be received at least 24hr before the requested event for the scheduling team to act accordingly and for the video team to be able to plan on resources to cover the requested session
  5. Video team coverage (event recording plus streaming on a best-effort basis) will be given to activities scheduled on the Aula Magna and Roberto Terán auditoriums.
  6. We will try to grant requests on a first-come-first-serve basis. If two events are requested for the same timeslot, the first will have precedence, and we will schedule the second as close as possible to it. We will notify the submitters if this happens, of course.

Conference tracks

In DebConf12, many talks are organized around the following tracks:

This track is meant for the local (Nicaraguan/Central American) community to be attracted to Debian. It does not usually have technically minded talks; the DebConf general audience is, of course, invited to take part in it, as there will surely be interesting angles on how Debian is used in different use-cases, and there will be interesting Q&A session with the audience.
Getting involved in Debian
Central America is a very special region. It has vibrant Free Software user groups and communities, among which there is an important interest to get involved in Debian.
This track will have some talks in Spanish, some talks in English, explaining different Debian processes and tools, aiming at attracting locals to contribute to Debian.
Debian for the cloud
All about virtualization. Management infrastructure, details on virtual machine engines, insight on how to tweak your kernel for optimum virtualized performance, and –of course– how to get it all humming perfectly with your Debian packages.
Building and porting
With an every day stronger transit to mobile computing, we are seeing a renaissance of porting. At the same time, we finally have multiarch as part of Debian. And were that not to be enough, we finally have more than one compiler that can be used for most of the software in the archive. Put all this together, and you will have a very interesting track.
Social activities
DebConf is as much about technical stuff as it is about building closer ties within the members of its community. Eating cheese+wine, going on a trip to the guts of a volcano, having a nice banquet… Do you want to add an activity to this pseudo-track?
Skills exchange
Knowledge can also be built by all of us putting our grain of sand. We first had explicit skills exchange sessions in Bosnia last year, and they were very well received. Feel free to propose similar sessions!

And… Well, three days to DebCamp and counting. See you Real Soon Now in Managua!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Peter Nuttall)

DebConf7 accommodation

As Moray blogged last week, there are spare beds in the hostel block booking. If you haven’t already written in ask for one, and you would like to stay with the sponsored DebConf attendees, please write to now. The plan is to close this option in about 24 hours, so please be prompt.

The spare beds will be allocated to people in the order emails are received; the price per night will be £12 (currently €17.60), which is a special reduced rate due to our large bookings.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Moray Allan)

Behind the scenes with the DebConf team

This Thursday we’ll be running a special IRC session, “Behind the scenes with the DebConf team”.


This is an open session aimed at anyone who would like to find out more about how DebConf is organised. Of course, we’d love you to get involved in organising it yourself, by helping out at DebConf11 or helping plan future DebConfs, but it’s also fine to attend the session just because you are curious!

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Gunnar Wolf)

Call for DebConf14 venues!

2000, Bordeaux, France. 2001, Bordeaux, France. 2002, Ottawa, Canada. 2003, Oslo, Norway. 2004, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2005, Helsinki, Finland. 2006, Oaxtepec, Mexico. 2007, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 2008, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2009, Cáceres, Spain. 2010, New York, United States. 2011, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2012, Managua, Nicaragua. 2013, Vaumarcus, Switzerland.

We have gone to all different latitudes (although not yet longitudes!). We have had very hot and very cold weather. Great cities and small villages have hosted us. What will be the next addition to this great list?

As we approach DebConf12 (10 days to DebCamp and counting, yay!), we should keep the future in mind. So, as every year in recent history, we will once again have a DebConf session presenting possible venues for the next year.

Organizing DebConf in your city means a lot of hard work. It also means one of the greatest personal experiences you can imagine. And it is a great way to contribute to Debian.

The decision process for every DebConf venue starts two years before, with presentations during DebConf(n-2). That means, if you consider presenting a bid for DebConf14, now is the moment to act!

Do you have to be present at Managua to propose your bid? No. You can proxy via somebody — I’d suggest to do it via somebody who knows the location you are suggesting, but basically, choose a friend that you trust that trusts you. Of course, you can participate in the presentation session via IRC.

Do you have to be a Debian Developer to propose a bid? No. For DebConf9, none of the Cáceres guys was a DD; for DebConf10, some of the people most involved from the local New Yorkers were not DDs. For DC11, none of our hosts in Bosnia are DDs. And for DC12, the dear and overworked Nicaraguan crew is also made from people interested in getting closer to the Debian project, but not DDs.

Do you have to decide now? No. This is just a call for a first presentation, but the decision regarding DC14 will be taken probably around March 2013. However, giving a nice presentation at DebConf helps a lot, gives you visibility, and will get the ball rolling.

Is there a geographical bias? Slight. So far, and since the second DebConf, we have kept the tradition not to repeat continents on two successive DebConfs. This is not a hard condition, however! While there is some probability that DebConf14 will be somewhere in America (the continent, of course), it depends on the proposals more than on any pseudo-rule.

What do you need to start thinking about? Go visit our prospective location checklist. You can also look at what other teams have historically presented. And of course, go to the DebConf14 wiki planning page — Register there, even if you are just in the early phases of finding data.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Alexander Reichle-Schmehl)

DebianDay about to start / Video Streams are now available

Sorry for the late notification about the video streams. We’ve been rather busy down here. However, DebianDay is about to start, and it looks, like it will turn out to be a great event!

The Video Setup is finished, too. The easiest way to watch the streams and to participate via irc is by using the Web 2.0 thingy at

You can also point your preferred video player at for the smaller round room, or for the larger auditorium, where DebianDay will take place.

The full schedule for the entire conference is available at As usual we’ll make the videos available for download later.

22:17:38 18 Nov 2012
(Posted by: Joerg Jaspert)

LPI exams during DebConf7

As already announced, we’ve arranged for interested people to take LPI exams during DebConf7.

As the announcement says, you need to register for the exams in two places. First go to the LPI system to get an LPI-ID, and then register for this event, so the LPI people know how many attendees to expect, and for which of the 6 possible tests. (Ignore the MySQL ID, no MySQL certifications will be carried out).

You will see that there are currently two timeslots to choose from on 19 June, one at 10:00 and one at 14:00. This should be enough for the number of people we expect to show up, but if not we will arrange more slots with the LPI team.

As also stated in the announcement, there is a special pack available. If you registered for DebConf7 and also reconfirmed in time, you can take two LPI exams for only 95 EUR, which is less than one exam normally costs.

If you haven’t managed to register and reconfirm in time, don’t worry: the LPI exam will still be available at half the normal price.

Oh, and someone just asked: you can register for the LPI exams right up to the day they’re held at DebConf. Only the special pack is limited to those who registered and reconfirmed for DebConf in time…